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KKFF fights for the development of natural areas, as far as possible on nature’s premises.

I. There is a large shortage of land in Denmark, which is completely left to development on the grounds of nature.

II. The Danish nature management is too often a backdrop, where other considerations play a dominant role; including agriculture, hunting, outdoor recreation and cultural-historical considerations. There is a need for areas where nature plays the main role.

III. There is a need for experiments that break decades of habit thinking in Danish and international nature management.

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Main Principle

Our main principle of nature management on the fund’s properties is non-intervention. Biotic conditions should generally be left to self-regulating processes without human intervention. There are no defined endpoints for vegetation types or species on the fund’s properties.

If the abiotic framework conditions are so heavily modified that the course of the natural processes is severely impaired, one-off or short-term manipulations may be necessary and acceptable. Heavy nutrient enrichment through agricultural utilization may require short-term effort aimed at extracting nutrients.

Access, dissemination, research and the recreational use of the Fund’s premises are part of the Fund’s purpose. Access and use must at all times be done on the grounds of nature, and must be adapted on an ongoing basis to the nature that may occur on the Fund’s areas. Nature is regularly observed on the fund’s properties.

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